New product designed for gynaecology, urology and proctology procedures and offers an extremely competitively priced, robust, reliable chair with trendelenburg tilt, ergonomic foot supports with incorporated armrests and stainless tray. With the addition of a leg recovery pad this chair can double as a general examination couch too. Trendelenburg Tilting version also available (Model 93GT).

  • Backrest -20° to +85°
  • Stainless Tray
  • Able to lift 250kg from its lowest height
  • Standard colour Full choice of accessories and colours
  • Seat Extension - Not Included, Optional
  • Gynae stirrups - Included



Plinth Deluxe Gynae Couch

  • 0715-1400-05
    Deluxe Gynae Couch, Electric Hi/Lo 250Kg
  • 0715-1400-10
    Deluxe Gynae Couch, Electric Hi/Lo & Tilt
  • 0715-1400-15
    Deluxe Gynae Couch, Electric Hi/Lo, Tilt and Back Rest

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