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Rein Medical CLINIO 500 PC

  • 0430-1400-05
    Rein Medical CLINIO 500 PC

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The CLINIO 500 C PC Runs Quietly, Conserves Power And Is Very Powerful. Since It Does Not Have Any Ventilation Slits And Refrigeration Fins, The Device Is Easy To Clean And Disinfect. The Coating Kills Bacteria To Provide Additional Safety And Makes These Devices Hygienic As Well As Secure.
The CLINIO 500 C PC Is Ideally Suited For All Kinds Of Stationary And Mobile Deployment Where A PC With A Small Housing Is Required. It Is Specifically Developed For Use In Clinics And Doctor’s Offices And Is Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications: PACS Viewer, KIS/RIS Systems Or PDMS Work Station And Provides Energy Efficiency, Space-Saving Designs And Sufficient PC Speeds Even For 4K Monitors.


  • Aluminium Housing With Extremely Compact Dimensions
  • Hygienic Design
  • Easy To Clean
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Intel I5/I7 CPUs
  • Suitable For 4k Screens
  • Optimal For Stationary And Mobile Applications
  • Housing Offers Plenty Of Room For Extensions And Additional PCI Cards

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