The most powerful on the market, the most versatile in the Theatre!

The UltraSlide provides 585mm Top Slide, full table features and optimal patient positioning for C-arm access, including powerful 455kg lift and 365kg articulation. Removable back and leg sections and Auto Beach Chair position provide flexible patient positioning options for every procedure.

From ease of set-up to the reduced need for multiple support accessories ? the UltraSlide does it all.

580mm Top Side - 365Kg Articulated Weight Capacity!

Full function, electro hydraulic battery powered surgical table features 585mm longitudinal top slide, 455kg lift and 365kg articulation capacity. Table is equipped with a removable 457cm power cord for battery charging. Four (4) conductive casters, four point braking system with push button operation including manual override for safety and stability. Hand held, back-lit pendant control includes steel housing design providing extreme durability. Pendant permits control at any point around the table’s perimeter.

Ultra Slide 3602 Slide Top Operating Table

  • 0105-2000-05
    Operating Table, Ultra Slide 3602

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