Linear Motion Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair

The Linear Motion Shoulder Chair is the only chair on the market with a self-contained motor and does not have to rely on the surgical table for power. The double-ball joint head system safely secures patient's head with even your kyphosis patients. Motion control technology eliminates manual positioning completely with simple push button hand control.

  • 615kg of lift supports patients up to 230kg
  • Attaches to any operating room table
  • Lateral brace included
  • 230Kg patient weight capacity
  • Articulation range 0°-90°
  • Sliding head rest
  • Lateral Brace attaches to chair and not table side rail providing safer repositioning
  • Shoulder pull-way panels providing excellent surgical exposure
  • Double-ball joint head rest allows head to tilt 30° in every direction, forward, backwards and side-to-side

Linear Motion Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair

  • 0270-1000-05
    Linear Motion Powered Beach Chair
  • 0270-1000-10
    Dolly for Shoulder Chair

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