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Opritech is about a total solution from design and planning through to installation and on-going service and maintenance.

Starting a new build or re-fit of your department? Interested in a modular operating theatre? Talk to the project team at Opritech and find out how our experience can bring modern and innovative solutions for efficient and compliant work flows, construction methods, and equipment solutions.

At Opritech we work with you closely from design through installation, fit out, commissioning, training and on-going service and support.

Our specialty areas are:

- Operating Theatre Design & Build

     - General and Orthopedic theatres

     - Hybrid Theatres

- Intensive Care Units


- Sterile Storage

- Modular Construction

- Stainless Installations

At Opritech we identified a gap in the project market - we noted that the interface between the Client, construction companies and the equipment suppliers was deficient. We positioned ourselves in this gap.

1) We provide expert clinical and equipment knowledge to the client, ensuring you understand the outcome you want for your department, provide input on creating efficient workflows, exceeding minimum standards and selecting the most appropriate equipment.

2) We work with closely with the architects and engineers to ensure the plans correctly reflect the design, services and work flows.

3) We interface with construction personnel to ensure services are provided as required, construction for built in equipment is correctly set up.

4) We install our supplied equipment, commission and provide on-going training and support to ensure you get the best from your equipment.

This is all made possible because we are equipment specialists, we understand the equipment, we understand the processes and work flows, and we understand the standards and regulations.

We supply high quality medical equipment such as theatre tables, operating tables, theatre beds, orthopaedic beds, operating lights, packing tables, CSSD benches and so much more.

Opritech has completed installations valued in excess of a million dollars without a single re-work item being required and furthermore bringing some of these installations to an early completion.


Medical design and build project book

2013/2014 PROJECT BOOK

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