Ceiling Track / Gantry Patient Hoists

Ceiling Track / Gantry Patient Hoists

Reduce risk of injury to patients and caregivers

With Opritech’s safe patient handling solutions anyone extending care in a hospital or acute care facility understands the challenges that arise when trying to move or transfer a patient with mobility issues. Opritech is pleased to offer safe patient handling and mobility equipment designed to improve the safety and comfort of both caregivers and patients in any setting. Safe patient handling is especially important in the area of bariatric care. These patients require additional staff training and specialized equipment for transfer, showering, toileting as well as other routine and specialized medical examinations and care. Whether you are looking for a portable lift to be used in multiple areas of the hospital or a fixed unit to be installed in coordination with your utility boom, Opritech has a solution that is right for you. Moreover, an innovative design, wide range of safety options and unsurpassed reliability are inherent in every unit, just as you have come to expect from Opritech.

Safety doesn’t mean choosing a side

With the unique Track Ring, our patient lifts stay clear of ceiling-mounted booms so that they can be used simultaneously in the same room. Maintain 360o access to the boom and the patient without pushing anything or anyone to the side.

Industry-exclusive track ring

Full integration with ceiling-mounted boom without compromising functionality. The track ring provides access to two critical lift points, one over the midsection for lift/transfer/reposition and the other for lower extremity lifts.

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