Our Commitment to You

Corporate Profile

At Opritech we are not just about equipment, we are about a total solution and building long term relationships, supplying you superior solutions, giving you better support, allowing you to get maximum utilisation and efficiency from Opritech supplied equipment.

With the highest of ethical standards, and a focus on excellence in all operational aspects of our business, we aspire to always exceed our client’s expectations.

Our commitment to our clients is for the life of the product - we support and service every product we supply.

All Opritech products are backed up with Warranties.

To show our commitment to quality Opritech is accredited with ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems, ISO 13485: Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices and ISO 14001: Enviromental Management Systems.

Opritech ensures that every product we sell is fit for purpose and certified for sale in New Zealand. With our technical expertise we are well placed to understand the requirements for compliance with applicable standard’s and regulations.

The Opritech Experience

The team at Opritech carries with it a wealth of knowledge from clinical, technical, logoistical and management expertise, to ensure your experience with Opritech is enjoyable and memorable.

Strong Service Commitment

At Opritech we have biomedical staff on our team, we understand what makes our equipment tick and are better placed than others to effect immediate calibration and repair should the need arise, not to mention our vast stock of consumables and spare parts ensuring your equipment has a high up time.

Opritech also undertakes annual testing and preventative maintenance in accordance with AS/NZS3551.

A Trusted supplier network

Opritech carefully selects its local and international supply partners and maintains close working relationships with them to ensure our clients have access to the finest equipment in the world, and the support needed to keep each product operating at its best.

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