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Loanset Management

Opritech design, supply and install loanset management systems to increase workflow productivity and reduce work place health and safety injuries.

We create an effective flow path from the inwards goods dock for loanset road cases, through to processing, sterilisation, into theatre and the reverse path again.

We ensure that the minimum manual handling is used and that every items takes the most direct and effective workflow path during its sort stay in the hospital.

Incoming road cases are placed on wheeled dolly’s that are then electrically lifted to enable easy inspection and removal of contents. These are then slid onto a height adjustable cart and processed through sterilisation.

Courier delivers cases
Dolly Trolley to be available at loading dock
Cases delivered onto Dolly Trolley
Courier needs to be advised of this practise
Reduced risk of injuries
No manual handling.

Cases remain on Dolly Trolley as they are relocated to the store room
Case remains on Dolly Trolley until required
Additional cases can be loaded on top of other cases, by use of the Univator
Cases need to be located in the storeroom in a “First in, first out” basis to avoid relocating cases several times
Cases need to have clear and easy-to-read labels – preferably on the side or top of the cases (for quick references).

Cases on Dolly Trolley can then be relocated to “Wall Mounted Lifter”
Table is placed within the floor mounted position (to align the table with the lifter)
Wall mounted lifter is raised to table height
Individual instrument cases can slide onto the table.

Height adjustable table can be relocated and the equipment in each case can be processed for use, or the individual case can be stored
Tables are height adjustable to suit individual requirements.


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