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We know that health and safety and quality are important to you as they are also important to us. Opritech has rigorous documented procedures to ensure that we deliver quality products and services, on time, in the safest manner and to best industry practice.

The following is a summary of our H&S and Quality Assurance systems.

AS/NZS-4801 – Opritech Summary Statement

4.1 General Requirements
At Opritech we realise Health and safety is important to you, as it is also important to us.
Opritech takes an integrated approach to OHS management, quality systems and sustainable business management. Opritech maintains an Integrated Management System (IMS) manual that details our procedures and operating systems and explains simply how we manage health and safety and general business systems.
Opritech has adopted the Australian, New Zealand Health and Safety Management Standard 4801.

4.2 OHS Policy
Opritech has in place a comprehensive OHS policy clearly stating measurable OHS objectives and targets, and demonstrates commitment to improving OHS performance. This policy is reviewed annually to ensure adequacy, continued appropriateness and compliance with relevant standards and safe working practices. Our policy is available to interested parties.

4.3 Planning
4.3.1 Planning Identification of Hazards, Hazard Risk Assessment and Control of Risks/Hazards
Our IMS manual documents how we plan in identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards. Opritech uses electronic and paper based forms to capture and evaluate hazards and uses this form to plan and minimise workplace hazards and risks. Hazards are graded against a matrix that gives a score indicating if the level of risk is acceptable. Incidents and non-compliances are captured by an incident form and investigated, and suitable controls are developed and disseminated to staff to ensure no reoccurrences.
4.3.2 Legal and Other Requirements
Opritech maintains currency and ensures compliance with standards and codes of practice by attending safety training, involving staff as safety representatives and perusing information provided by the Ministry of Economic Development. Our hazard planning is reviewed periodically to ensure its adequacy and continued suitability.
4.3.3 Objectives and Targets
Opritech has a goal of zero workplace accidents – our health and safety motto ‘Work Safe, Home Safe’ While Opritech has an exemplary record – we continue to strive for a hazard free and safe work place and communicate our goals to all staff via regular staff meetings and employee handbooks.
4.3.4 OHS Management Plans
Opritech has in place a health and safety management plan which includes designation of responsibilities as depicted on our staff organisation chart. Procedures are reviewed at our regular health and safety meetings and meeting minutes are recorded. An overall audit matrix is maintained by the IMS manager, check listing every item on our plan. This plan is stored electronically within our secure servers.

4.4 Implementation
4.4.1 Structure and Responsibility
Opritech management understand the importance of safety for our staff and our customers and the public. Finance and resource is allocated to align with our goals of a no harm work place. We delegate responsibilities and communicate these through our organisation chart, employment contracts and staff meetings. We believe everybody has a responsibility in health and safety.
4.4.2 Training and Competency
Opritech maintains a staff training register to ensure a high level of competence is maintained, staff are subjected to on-going assessment and refresher training provided by suitably qualified instructors as required.
4.4.3 Consultation, Communication and Reporting
Opritech formally documents regular health and safety committee meetings attended by safety representatives who discuss all aspects of our health and safety system and events. Information is disseminated to management and other staff via weekly staff meetings.
All staff are issued an employee handbook in electronic or printed form which documents our safety procedures, task analysis, emergency response plans and procedures for safe work procedures.
Opritech controls hazards by the – eliminate, isolate and minimise method and involves all staff in health and safety and hazard management.
Opritech prepares for emergencies and has in place document emergency response plans. All staff are involved and trained in emergency response.
4.4.4/5 Documentation
Opritech maintains electronic records of all meetings, systems and procedures; these are stored and readily available within our M-files document server.
All applicable documents are reviewed at least annually for adequacy and continued suitability to our operations. The M-files server provides document control and printed copies should be treated as a reference only.
4.4.6 Hazard Identification, Hazard/Risk Assessment and Control of Hazards/Risks
Opritech has in place hazard control plans, hazard identification procedures and methods to eliminate, isolate or minimise hazards.
Our IMS manual documents how we identify assess and control workplace hazards. Opritech uses a catch all form on our premises and customer premises to identify new hazards, along with a series of hazard identification and task analysis checklists for specific tasks. Hazards are graded against a matrix that gives a score indicating if the level of risk is acceptable. Incidents and non-compliances are captured by an incident form and investigated, and suitable controls are developed and disseminated to staff to ensure no reoccurrences.
Our hazard identification system considers chemical, physical, biological, ergonomical and psychological hazards.
We also consider work place stresses, fatigue, overtime and work that involves repetition along with general day to day work situations. Corrective action reports are made in response to incidents, accidents and non-compliances.
4.4.7 Emergency Preparedness
Opritech prepares emergency plans for any anticipated emergency that our staff may alight during their work day or other times. These plans are rehearsed with staff and provided to them in hard copy or in readily available electronic form. These emergency response plans are reviewed and modified to ensure relevancy and adequacy.

4.5 Measure and Evaluation
Opritech records and evaluates health and safety KPIs and reviews these in our health and safety and management meetings. We also review and evaluate our systems and procedures against NZ regulations and laws.
All incidents are reported on an AID form and entered into our events system, and investigated and corrective actions reports are generated and approved by upper management to prevent similar re-occurrences. Our IMS manual and employee handbook documents these procedures in detail.

4.6 Management Review
Opritech management audits and reviews its health and safety policies, work procedures, hazard control plans and emergency response plans as required or at least annually.

Samples of our forms and summary audit results are available on request by applicable personnel.

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