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Medical Monitor and PC Solutions

Rein Medical is one of the leading medical IT companies in Germany and Europe.

All products are specifically designed to be hygienic and tough and come in an attractive design. Unique functions and flexible modules with the option for customisation are key features throughout the entire product range.

OPERION: Professional wall monitors and workstations for every operating theatre.
CLINIO C: Powerful and tough all-in-one PC for everyday medical use.
CLINIO D: Tough Monitor for all kinds of everyday use in hospitals.
SILENIO D: Large Monitors for medical use.
SILENIO C: The all-in-one computer specially developed for medical use.
MEDIGENIC: Washable and silicone-based keyboards and mice.

Medical IT Solutions

Smart OR: Soft- and Hardware for intuitive and optimised video and signal management.


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