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UPS Status Indicator Set

  • 2450-2000-05
    UPS Status Indicator Set

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The Opritech UPS Status Indicator provides remote indication of UPS power faults/interruptions with a flashing red warning LED and synchronised audible alarm. The alarm can be muted for a configurable amount of time – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or Infinite.

The panel is resistant to strong chemicals which aids cleaning. The brightness of the indicator lights can be adjusted making it suitable for use in all environments.

Multiple units can be connected together on the same UPS – Providing notification to a large area when the UPS may be not readily accessible.

All connected Status Indicators operate individually and can be configured individually. Each Status Indicator also provides indication of a broken cable. This makes it perfect for hospitals or other places where a power interruption could be critical.

Key Features:

  • Remote Audible/Visual Indication of Power Failure via UPS Dry Contacts
  • Compatible with any UPS with Dry Contact Outputs
  • Perfect for places where a power interruption could be critical
  • Multiple status indicators can be connected to one UPS

Product Contents:

Each UPS Status Indicator Set Contains one Remote Indicator Panel and the UPS Connection hardware. One set is required for each UPS. (Code 2450-2000-05)

Extra Remote Indicator Panels can be purchased separately. (Code 2450-2000-10)

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