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Appearances can be deceptive; the basic box shape is just about the only thing that BioLine controlled bio-storage solutions have in common. The BioLine range delivers significantly higher performance including monitoring and control systems.
The Gram refrigeration system is based on a finned tube evaporator, this provides exceptional benefits compared with other systems. This eliminates cold walls as in lesser quality fridges and removes any chance of products freezing when touching the side walls or back of fridge.

The finned tube evaporator generates cold air in a separate compartment and forces this air into the fridge chamber from above. The unique Gram distribution system leads a flow of cold air down a special distribution plate at the back of the cabinet interior. The air then comes out at the sides on all levels and below the plate while moving upwards to the evaporator fan mounted in the top. This makes sure that the temperature is the same everywhere in the cabinet.


The smart defrost system is an advanced auto defrosting function. Unlike conventional defrosting systems where the user has no control of the defrost cycle, this intelligent system uses absolute minimum time and energy by assessing the exact level of required defrost. The defrost cycle will then only start at the cold point in the temperature cycle to avoid temperature spikes.

Gram give a 5 year warranty on all compressors for the BioLine fridge and Freezer range. Gram also guarantee delivery of BioLine spare parts for 10 years after installation of your cabinet. Opritech are trained in servicing the BioLine refrigerators and carry spare parts. We perform annual validations and electrical safety tests to ensure your compliance is maintained.

These many exceptionally innovative effective features combine to provide the most effective and efficient bio-storage solutions on the market today – cabinets that are the most practical and convenient to the user. The sum of all these technical innovations, results in supreme temperature stability inside the cabinet, with greater reduced temperature peaks during defrosting.


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