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SkyVac removes surgical smoke plume and odours while greatly improving vision at the surgical site.

SkyVac captures potentially harmful and infectious surgical smoke plume and odours, while greatly improving vision at the surgical site. SkyVac is powerful but whisper quiet in operation. The system may be equipped with an ESU Sensor which is automatically activated by the surgeon. SkyVac is simple to use, quiet and cost effective to operate.

The built-in SkyVac System captures microorganisms and particulate matter at the rate of 99.9995% efficiency @ 0.1 microns, using “Front-End” filtration design.

Filtration is done prior to entering the boom or permanent lines, eliminating the need to decontaminate any part of the system. Suitable for laser treatment.

Built-In, Compact SkyVac System with 8 Hour / 32 Procedure Filter.

Normal or Turbo Speed Suction provides up to 32 cfm at surgical site
“Front-End” Filtration, Low Maintenance Design
Optional Automatic Surgeon ON/OFF Control with Auto Sensor
Front load filter change is a speedy, one-step process without tools or help from biomed
SkyVac universally accepts a wide range of laparoscopic smoke evacuator tubing sets, including (6mm), 3/8” (10mm), 7/8” (22mm), 1” (25.4mm) and 1-1/4” (32mm) sizes.

Built-In Skyboom Mounted SkyVac Smoke Evacuation System including easy to operate, illuminated Touchpad Control Panel.

SkyVac’s built-in control module frees up equipment carrier shelf space for convenient storage/access of ESUs and other devices, while eliminating floor footprint.
SkyVac is easy to operate with illuminated touchpad control panel and provides highly visible feedback including suction on/off, on-demand turbo speed, visual suction control rate (%) and filter life status. Filter change is a simple and speedy process and requires no tools!


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