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Chrome Wire Compactor Units offer a high density mobile storage system that optimises the use of your storeroom.

Chrome Wire Compactor Shelves are designed and manufactured to meet standards for Sterile Stock storage AS/NZS 4187 and is ideal for dry storage areas and particularly sterile hospital environments where cleanliness is essential.

It is available in a range of sizes to meet your requirements. Any number of mobile units can be installed to run along the tracking rails between the two static end units. The units comes with 3 to 9 chrome wire non tear type adjustable shelves and mobile and static mid units can be added or removed as required.

A large selection of shelf widths and depths ensure the Compactor can be fitted to any storeroom. Ball bearing wheels and top guides ensure the system will not bind up under large loads and remains easy to roll even when very heavily loaded.

Advantages of SmartTrack Compacting

No floor tracks – increased safety, no obstructions to trolleys etc.
Easiest to move compacting on the market even when loaded
Stainless Steel solid type wheel mounts and wheel guards
Safe to mop, no rust wheel carriers – will not track out of alignment
Manufactured to meet standards for Sterile Stock Storage AS/NZS 4187
New Zealand manufactured components – including wheels and track
Ball bearings at post tops for easier movement
Heavy Chrome Plated wire non tear type adjustable shelves
Manufactured to meet OH&S requirements
Overall Compactor Height 2250mm.

Compactor shelves can be made up to 6.5m long and requires a static shelf unit at each end. In between the static units select the mobile units of 457mm , 533mm or 610mm width. Ensure the compactor unit is 100mm less in length than the space available if positioned between two walls, this assists with installation. When a compactor exceeds 3.6m a top track joiner needs to be built in, this helps stiffen the top track and also makes getting the top tracks into position simpler as 3.6m will fit inside most lifts.

The movable aisle space should be no less than 800mm and up to 1100mm. If a static unit is installed mid span – remember to allow an aisle gap in each segment. Ensure compactors are designed with a minimum gap between the compactor and the wall of 50mm to allow for the rubber buffers and any coving. After selecting the static end units, mobile units, add the top tracks, joiner plates and shelf accessories such as containment bars and shelf dividers etc. Compactors less than 2.5m in length are considered uneconomic.


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