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OPERION FB, Flush Mount, 24″

  • 0420-1024-05
    OPERION FB, Flush Mount, 24" Medical Grade Monitor

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OPERION Professional Wall Monitors And Workstations Are Suitable For Every Operating Theatre And Turn Them Into A Digital Service Centre. Available In Various Sizes, Easy To Clean And Fitted With Multiple Connections, The OPERION Is The Ideal For Constant Use In State-Of-The-Art Operating Theatres With Outstanding Colour And Image Properties.
There Are Three Types Of Enclosure Available For Each OPERION: Flush Mount (FB), Cover Mount (BR) & BODY.
Models Can Be Individually Configured According To The Requirement Profile.


  • Wall-Mounted Workstations In The Operating Theatre For Applications Such As KIS, RIS, PACS (Digital X-Ray Film Viewer)
  • Control And Navigation Workstation For Room Control And Video Management
  • Universal Wall Monitors As Image Targets For Video Endoscopy Or PACS


  • Monitor Sizes 19" To 75" (From 49" Upwards In 4k UHD)
  • Variable Housing Technology (Flush Mount, Body For Surface Mount, Cover Frame For Drywall Installations)
  • Optimized Picture Quality
  • PCAP Multitouch Screen Recognising Touch Gestures With Up To 10 Fingers; Optional
  • PC Kit Optional Configurable Up To
  • CPU I5/I7 – 6th Gen. Quad-Core Processors
  • RAM Up To 32 Gb
  • Hard Drive (HDD, SSD) Up To 512 Gb
  • Monitor Control Bar Useable With Surgical Gloves
  • Industrial Motherboards Designed For 24/7 Application
  • Simultaneous Display Of Multiple Images (32" Or Larger FullHD Models: Two Signals, 4k Models: Two And Four Signals)
  • ALS Compensating Age-Related Fluctuations Over The Entire Lifetime (32" And Above)
  • Factory-Calibrated DICOM Preset For Optimum Viewing Of X-Ray Images


  • Smooth, Closed Front
  • Hygienical Glass Surface
  • Cooling Without A Fan
  • Cover Frame (Br) And Surface-Mounted (Body) Versions Are Varnished With Germicidal Powder Coating
  • Quick And Easy Cleaning With Disinfectant Spray Or Wipes


  • Wall Mounted Hygienic Keyboard With DVD Multidrive And Hygienic Mouse
  • Flush-Mounted Connection Boxes (Individually Configurable)
  • INFOBAR Multi-Functional Display
  • Smart OR Routing, Archiving And Streaming Solution
  • Twin / Combi (Two Monitors Combined Behind One Big Glass Elemen

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