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  • 0460-1024-05
    SILENIO D, 24" Medical Grade Monitor
  • 0460-1024-10
    SILENIO D, 24" Medical Grade Monitor, Touch
  • 0460-1024-15
    SILENIO D, 24", 4K Medical Grade Monitor
  • 0460-1024-20
    SILENIO D, 24", 4K Medical Grade Monitor, Touch

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With Brilliant Image Quality And Compact Design, SILENIO Monitors Are Perfect For Use With Medical Applications.
SILENIO Displays Are Light, Easy To Clean And Versatile. Their Brilliant Image Quality (Also In 4k UHD Resolution) Makes Them Ideal For Use In Surgical Settings. The VESA Mount Holes Allow Them To Be Fixed To The Wall And/Or On A Monitor Arm.
The Front IP54 Protection Comes Into Its Own In Any Scenario Where Hygiene Is Of The Utmost Importance.


  • Endoscopic And Surgical Imaging
  • Imaging In The Operating Theatre
  • Nurses' Station
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Orthopaedics
  • Displaying X-Ray Images


  • Size 22", 24", 42", 43", 55" (55" In 4k UHD)
  • Simultaneous Display Of Multiple Images With 4k UHD Models
  • Optimized Picture Quality
  • Slim Hygienic Design
  • VESA Compatible
  • PCAP Multitouch Screen Recognising Touch Gestures With Up To 10 Fingers; Optional
  • Monitor Control Bar Useable With Surgical Gloves
  • ALS Compensating Age-Related Fluctuations Over The Entire Lifetime. (32" And Above)
  • Factory-Calibrated DICOM Preset For Optimum Viewing Of X-Ray Images.
  • Factory-Calibrated Presets For Colour Spaces (BT.709, BT.1886 And BT.2020)
  • Certified Medical Device


  • Smooth, Closed IP65-Protected Front
  • Cable Connections Are Optimally Protected By A Hygiene Cover
  • No Ventilation Slots To Prevent The Eddying Of Dust And Germs
  • Quick And Easy Cleaning With Disinfectant Spray Or Wipes

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