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End Feed 15mm x 1/2″ Male Iron Adaptor

  • 2640-4263-05
    End Feed 15mm x 1/2" Male Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-25
    End Feed 42mm x 11/2" Male Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-30
    End Feed 54mm x 2" Male Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-35
    End Feed 15mm x 1/2" Female Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-40
    End Feed 22mm x 3/4" Female Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-45
    End Feed 28mm x 1" Female Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-50
    End Feed 35mm x 11/4" Female Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-55
    End Feed 42mm x 11/2" Female Iron Adaptor
  • 2640-4263-60
    End Feed 54mm x 2" Female Iron Adaptor

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The Lawton End Feed Male and Female Iron Adapters are all seamless, one piece fittings, which makes them stronger and easier to use. Available in sizes from 15mm to 54mm 

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