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LCD Area Alarm Alert-4

  • 2650-5100-05
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 1 Sensor
  • 2650-5100-20
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 2 Sensors
  • 2650-5100-30
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 3 Sensors
  • 2650-5100-40
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 4 Sensors
  • 2650-5100-50
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 5 Sensors
  • 2650-5100-60
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 6 Sensors
  • 2650-5100-70
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 7 Sensors
  • 2650-5100-75
    LCD Area Alarm Alert-4, 8 Sensors

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Amico’s Alert-4 LCD Ethernet Area Alarm displays medical gas information on a highly visible 10" LCD screen. Capable of handling up to 8 gases, one Alert-4 LCD Ethernet Area Alarm fits all areas of the hospital, regardless of gas requirements.

This Alarm is Ethernet ready, capable of displaying an exact replica of the alarm on a computer screen in the facility’s local network via Ethernet. In addition, an exact image of the alarm can be displayed on a mobile device connected to the local network via Wifi.

Comes complete with LCD Alarm Panel, back box and sensors.

Requires cabling from sensors to alarm panel. Alarm panel requires 230V power.

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