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Electric Epidural Positioning Device

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    Electric Epidural Positioning Device

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Increase your efficiency in operating rooms, labour and delivery suites, pain centres, and anywhere epidurals and spinals are performed.

The Epidural Positioning Device (EPD) allows you to position patients correctly and comfortably by encouraging cervical, thoracic and lumbar flexion while maintaining a solid and stable position. A new curved design, for use with patients up to 600 lbs., accommodates patients of a variety of body
sizes and weights. Electronic controls adjust the E-EPD to the correct height and foot position for each patient, while the easy mechanical lock and release system makes chest, arm and head adjustments quick and effortless.

Features & Specifications

  • Adjustable arm rest – Allows patient to rest arms comfortably; provides added stability
  • Adjustable face rest – Tilts to attain and maintain proper cervical flexion
  • Positive locking clamp – Easily adjusts; locks with one turn
  • Adjustable torso support – Increase lumbar and thoracic flexion with simple adjustments; chest support immobilizes back
  • Adjustable foot rest – Accommodates a wide range of body sizes
  • High-quality castors – Easily lock into place. A single foot pedal locks/unlocks all castors simultaneously
  • 272Kg patient weight capacity
  • The battery charges fully in 6 hours and lasts between 40 to 100 cycles (based on load).

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