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EOLIS Air Purifier 600S

  • 0580-1015-05
    EOLIS Air Purifier 600S
  • 0580-1015-30
    Spare pre-filter for EOLIS600S (2x)
  • 0580-1015-35
    Spare Filter EOLIS 600S
  • 0580-1015-40
    Spare Lampe UV 7W EOLIS Air Manager

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EOLIS Air Purifier 600S

The EOLIS Air Manager is effective against all pollutants and microorganisms. Highly versatile, it has been specifically developed for professional and intensive use. It combines a unique medical grade filter system with controllable and acticatable UV-C lamps. This unit is designed for areas up to 60m2 per unit.


  • Photocatalysis function
  • Active Oxygen function for deep cleaning
  • Live air qulity indicator
  • Filter service indicator
  • Air quality onboard data logging
  • Touchscreen control
  • Smartphone remote control (IOS, Android)

Filter System

  • Bactericidal virucidal acaricidal pre-filter certified EN1276, EN14675
  • Medical-grade HEPA H13 certified EN1822
  • Very high density activated carbon filter
  • Photocatalysis filter with UV lamp (1x)


  • Treated area max. 60 m2 (per unit)
  • Airflow max. 350 m3/h
  • Fan speed settings 5
  • Dimensions 505x385x230 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight 8.9 kg
  • Noise level 18-52 dB
  • Power consumption (min/max) 13 ~ 60-65 W
  • Optional monitoring software available for simple management of several units

Available consumables

  • Pre-filter (1x required)
  • Filter (1x required)
  • UV-Lamp (1x required)

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